Master 2018

In 2018 I finished my Executive Master in IT Governance and Assurance with Great Distinction. During those two years at the universities in Antwerp, Maastricht and Tilburg, we had the change to put theory into practice and to broaden our knowledge about Governance and placing and controlling the controls. At the end I had to hand in my Thesis; An international research on IT-projects, to leverage success of Dutch IT-projects.


My thesis was a Duo Thesis and we worked together with The Standish Group, an American research company in Boston (US) and Hans Mulder. The Standish Group is an independent international IT research advisory firm founded in 1985. Our research was about the success and fail factors in Dutch IT projects and compared them to an international subset of IT projects, which were analyzed by The Standish Group. For our thesis we analyzed 110 IT projects in total via the method of The Standish Group.

Our hypothesis was that if we found any similarities, we could then use the lessons learned from the analysis (based on 24 years’ experience on the success and fail factors by the Standish Group) and apply them on the Dutch IT projects to increase the rate of success. We did not only find a very strong similarity, but we also saw that working with the Factors of Success (FoS) from The Standish Group, IT projects became much more successful. However, follow up research is needed here.

Click here for our paper.

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