Can you use Cobit5 for an audit in a IT environment (an academic exercise)

Audit and assess two processes based on the framework Cobit 5, that was our last assignment at the Antwerp Management School in 2017. And that was the start of a great journey and we encountered great cooperation of a global company, that was professional enough to open the doors and said; come in, be critical, research and tell us what can we improve, if any, and present it in a clear and constructive way. We assessed the Project Management Method globally and the Requirements Management (Cobit BAI01 and BAI 02 for the real Nerds among us). It was a great exercise and gave us knowledge, insight and a very satisfied customer who asked us to come back at the end of this year to do a second audit to see what has improved.

So yes, Cobit 5 is a very strong Framework that can be used for auditing, but also helps to improve current operations on IT Governance.It gives you direction, information, knowledge, but most of all logic on how things can and must run (best practices) and what the in- and output must be.

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